Toys and helpful tips for babies flying.

When booking a flight for your toddler (ages 18 months and younger) You probably have not purchased a seat for baby, you’re expected by the airline to have babysat on you and if travelling as a couple, you’re going to have to take turns holding baby. Travelling this way is cheaper, however, there are a few tips that I recommend, especially if this is a long haul flight.

Firstly you can gamble on the if the flight is going to be full, you can check this by first of all understanding if this is a popular route. London Heathrow to New York JFK is probably going to busier than Chiang Mai to Yangon. So with this in mind, can you move seats or be allocated a seat at check in with a free space in the middle?

Or, if you’re not the gambling type, you could always have the comfort of purchasing an additional seat. Whilst costing that bit more, your free to give your arms a rest from holding baby for 9 hours.

Or if either of the two options above doesn’t work, this might help, this cool little invention called Flybaby air travel hammock for babies might be for you. This will help free up your hands at least during some parts of your flight, it’s amazing how sore your arms get after a few hours holding your baby.

Anyway on to the toys, A must have when your children keep trying to take your own cell phone is the leapfrog cell phone. Also, try these…..

Half toy half book 

Small laptop

Teether ring if they are teething?

Lamaze Disney/Pixar Incredibles Soft Shape Sorter 

Peel and Play Activity Set with Reusable Vinyl Stickers

A also download a few music games on the Ipad.

Food to snack on and a bottle.

Taking a night flight or a flight over sleep time for your child? Its pretty hard to get children to sleep in an upright position on the small aircraft seats and sleeping half on your lap so you can’t move can be difficult. If you’re not on an Air New Zealand flight and using their wonderful ‘SkyCouch’ then this is the next best thing and much cheaper. The Jetkids Bedbox this is a great idea. On one night flight, I remember waking up over ten times to Leo falling on the floor, a frustrating experience for all. I decided then and there I needed to desperately do some research to find something to help me with the next flight, so is a must now when we travel.

You can also buy a large baby blanket and some large clips and clip the blanket to the surrounding seats to stop the rediculise bright lights and help them sleep.  I honestly don’t understand why the lights have to be so bright on planes.

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Anyway, let me know if this helps.

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