Pre-Packing your Suitcase “Prep Tips”

It can be daunting packing for the entire family, here are a few tips which should help.

erwan-hesry-166245-unsplash.jpg1. Firstly do you have a suitable suitcase? If not choose a lightweight suitcase with bright colour (more on that later). Don’t waste your weight limit on a heavy suitcase. Check the weight of the baggage before you buy. We brought a lightweight 4 pack of suitcases which are bright orange, this clearly stands out a conveyor belt of the usual black bags with ribbons tied around the handle.

2. Make a packing list. This is so important to keep a clear and concise list and to separate any items you need/don’t need. I can’t get enough of lists, write down every item you want to include in your suitcase and think about each one. Visualise how you’ll be spending your vacation and what items you’ll need – clothing, shoes, toiletries, accessories, technology and anything else. But most importantly, think back to your last trip and all the items you didn’t need and leave them out this time.

anete-lusina-609856-unsplash.jpg3. Less is more. Layout all your clothes on the bed and then put back at least one third. just be ruthless with yourself, only bring what you really love and know that you’ll wear it. If a pair of shorts only matches 1 top your bringing then DON’T bring it you need multiple looks with each garment. This means choosing complimentary colours across the wardrobe also take an extra neckless/scarf to completely change an outfit look.

4. Strategic packing.  Try placing shoes around the outside of the suitcase in single file, with the sole facing the edge. Pack heavier items towards the wheels and lighter items nearer to handle, it makes the bag much easier to roll. Roll soft garments like t-shirts, shorts, knitwear But remember, some clothing items don’t roll well – like stiffer or bulky fabrics these should be folded. Fill shoe cavities with socks/electronics chargers,/belts whatever fits to save space.

We have a set of four suitcases which fit inside each other (like Russian Dolls) so we pack size three into size four ( the biggest one ) that way we have an extra bag for when we come back. I’m a shopaholic and let’s face it we buy far too much for your kids when we are away.

5. Organised packing.  I like my bag to have structure/areas to make it easy to find what you need, I love using these Packing cubes they keep a week’s worth of clothes organised efficiently to move easily from suitcase to hotel dresser: The full-size cube is great for shirts or insulating layers, the half cube is perfect for socks and underwear, and the quarter cube is the perfect size for travel extras like chargers, batteries, and cables.

arnel-hasanovic-673679-unsplash.jpg6. Practice pack,    If your anything like me this has to be done a week prior, It’s less stressful than doing it the day you leave for the airport.
Now make sure it all fits in your car!!!

7. Weigh it. Use a portable luggage scale so there are no surprises at the airport, you don’t want to pay the often crazy airport baggage prices at the airport.

8.  Lock it! Make sure you have a travel-friendly TSA lock, you don’t want items going missing.

So with these tips, you’re ready to leave for your holiday somewhat stress-free.

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Let me know how your packing experience goes.

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