Strategic packing – How to fit more in!

In our years of travel and endless packing/unpacking, we have come up with a few helpful tips which will give you more room to fit even more in.

  1. Try placing shoes around the outside of the suitcase in single file, with the sole facing the edge. 
  2. Fill shoe cavities with socks/electronics chargers,/belts whatever fits to save space. 
  3. Pack heavier items towards the wheels and lighter items nearer to handle, it makes the bag much easier to roll.
  4. Roll soft garments like t-shirts, shorts, knitwear But remember, some clothing items don’t roll well – like stiffer or bulky fabrics these should be folded. 
  5. If you want a neck pillowcase for the plane but don’t want to then carry it around for the rest of the trip buy a zippable or material replacement neck pillow case then put your soft clothing in it like a puffer jacket/soft clothing etc that way you are losing space in your suitcase and you get a neck pillowcase WIN WIN.
  6. Digital reading. Don’t buy paper books and magazines, instead, put it on a Kindle.
  7. Buy re-usable travel size bottles for kids and replace the full-size shampoo, conditioner, body wash and squeeze them into the travel-size containers.

I love using these, Packing cubes they keep a week’s worth of clothes organised efficiently to move easily from suitcase to hotel dresser

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Hope this helps, please let me know how it goes!!!

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