​Keep these in mind when packing your suitcase

  1. Fragile items. Always bring a fragile camera and computer gear in the carry-on bag with you.
  2. Put all leak-able products into resealable bags like shampoo, foundation, insect repellent etc. 
  3. Avoid bottles bursting. Only fill up your travel-sized bottles three-quarters full. The cargo area on a plane is not pressurised like the passenger cabin, and liquids expand at high altitudes.
  4. First aid bag.  have your medical kit ready to go which includes a few Band-Aids, panadol and stomach trouble medication. Unfortunately, with children, we use this often.
  5. Keep your case smelling nice. Take a small bag of fabric conditioner sheets or scented drawer liners, and place in the centre of your suitcase.
  6. Avoid breakages. Wrap fragile items (such as laptops,  bottles of wine, etc.) in soft clothing and in the middle of the bag, I have found a very cool item for a wine protector!! 
  7. Important documents. Pack a photocopy or take a photo on your smartphone of your passport and travel insurance documents in your checked-in luggage. 
  8. Pocket power. Pack your in-flight essentials in a zippered pocket for easy access – earphones, hand wipes, lip balms,  moisture spray,  perfume, tissues and a pen (for filling in immigration forms). I use the Travel Wallet Passport Holder.
  9. BYO snacks. When travelling on a budget airline, save your money on over-priced airline/airport food, plus give yourself the flexibility to choose healthier options. Use separate Ziploc bags for fruits, dried fruit, and nuts, granola bars, biscuits, chips, whatever you like.
  10. Liquid limits. Remember liquid limits in the country you’re flying from and to. In some countries rules for domestic flights are different from International flights.
  11. Refill water. Bring an empty water bottle to the airport so you can fill up after going through security. Many airports have water fountains  If you’re looking for a good quality reusable bottle, check out this clip on water bottle or collapsible water bottles or a stainless steel water vacuum bottles, I love these.

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Hope this helps, let me know how it goes 🙂

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