Flying with kids? Our Top 10 items you should pack!

I always think there are two kinds of parents when it comes to packing, one is the super organised parent who diligently makes a list, checks it twice and packs everything they could possibly ever need and more, or there is the second type of parent who packs only the basics and picks the rest up along the way. Now depending on your destination, that would dictate which type of parent you fall under or a hybrid of both.

When Mila was born we took her from New Zealand to the UK when she was 3 months old to meet Pauls parents, it seemed that we packed half the contents of our house and took it to the other side of the world “just in case!” when in fact we really should have known that you can get almost everything and more in the UK!

The younger your children the more you tend and need to pack, thankfully, however, our children are now 3 and 4 so it is getting a little easier each time. For this particular trip we have taken with us the following;

  1. iPad – This is top of our list at the moment. This magic little device that is all things to all people! The iPad keeps them entertained for most the trip….what did parents do before iPads I ask !?… With the iPad, you can do some prep work and download books, games and video in advance. We used our Netflix subscription to download their favourite movies before we set off. Also worth noting that you should grab a screen protector and a cover whilst you’re at it to protect these sometimes fragile devices.
  2. Sippy cup/Drink bottle – Grab yourself one of these great BPA/PVC free bottles, I learned this the hard way with several spilt drinks over me. These bottles have interchangeable drip-free spouts & lids.
  3. Nappies – When that seatbelt sign is on and your little one says those magically timed words “I want to go to the toilet” you will wish you had a nappy packed away. Again, I learned the hard way, my accidents are your saviour!
  4. Wet Wipes – These go hand in hand with nappies and are great for not only cleaning up the mess that’s going to occur but to refresh your skin on in that dry cabin air.
  5. Additional Clothing–  For you and the children as accidents and mess will happen, plus its always good to have a fresh set of clothes just before you land.
  6. Precious Toys – One item my kids can’t function without are their soft toys. Leo’s favorite is his Soft Bedtime Bunny and Mila’s is her Bedtime Teddy. If there’s one item they can’t live without, it’s this!
  7. Small Toys –  So with this, I’d advise that only a couple of items as the bag will be getting full by now.  I brought a small colouring book also a train and a small dinosaur for Leo. Mila has a colouring book and two My Little Ponies.
  8. Sweets! – Yes if there one journey you can loosen up about giving away sugary bribes its probably this one! We take mini Chupa Chups lollipops for the flight, mainly for the cabin pressurisation on the way up & down.
  9. Snacks –  If you have a little boy then you know what I’m on about, Leo doesn’t stop eating. Bring easy to carry & peel fruit such as apples, banana, and mandarins, but double check if you can take the fruit off the plane when you land. In New Zealand, we accidentally took a banana with us as we left the plane and the customs dog was jumping all over me!!! This could land you a small fine if you’re not careful. Generally speaking, small bags of raisins, potato chips and crackers generally work for us.
  10. Hand Sanitiser – As you well know, they touch everything and hands inevitably end up in the mouth! A small 50ml travel size bottle should suffice.


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I do hope this helps, this does sound like a lot of stuff to bring but generally speaking, the bag should be quite light. Please do let me know how your experience went!

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